Hearing loss is the 3rd worldwide chronic disease

Here are some interesting facts about hearing loss

50% of people with hearing impairment are under 65 years of age.

One in four families is experiencing hearing loss with one or more members.

1 in 22 school children has a hearing problem.

In Europe today, the hearing impaired of every age is 70 million.

In Greece, the hearing impaired is estimated at 900,000, of which 60,000-80,000 are children.

The use of acoustic hearing aid offers a great improvement in the hearing capacity of hearing impaired people and, to a large extent, is the only recovery solution. Hearing aids improve the person's quality of life by making communication with others easier. Despite the fact that the headphones offer substantial and substantial help and the advantages with their use are too many, they have not yet been fully accepted by the wider community and after the brute itself.

The reasons??

1.Poor information and in some cases misinformation.

2.The fear of hearing the use of the handset

3.Appearance and aesthetics

4.Poor application, use and maintenance

For all these reasons, unfortunately, only 30% of people needing a handset will eventually use a handset.

Statistical studies have shown that the time between the initial consultation and the implementation is for adults 4-5 years and for the children much less.